NAACP Florida State Conference President Adora Obi Nweze and Education Chair Dr. Shirley Johnson calls on the public to support these initiatives:
• NAACP Reads – The NAACP is calling on the public to read to 10 students each with the goal of targeting 10,000 students in one year. For more details on NAACP Reads, click here:
• Harry & Harriette Moore Curriculum Competition – The NAACP is calling on local branches and units to promote voter education and raise educational and financial levels for black teachers statewide. The competition will involve youth councils, who will create poetry, poems, essays or social media videos on the life/legacy of Harry & Harriette Moore. The first place winner will receive $500, $300 for second place and $200 for third place.
• School to Prison Pipeline Review and School District Report Card – The NAACP is calling on the public and local units to monitor suspension rates and other metrics to ensure school districts are providing equitable treatment to all students including blacks and other communities of color.

For more information on these initiatives, please contact Dr. Shirley Johnson, NAACP Florida State Conference Education Chair at

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