~The NAACP releases critical recommendations to all members, partners and voters as ballots begin to arrive. ~

“The NAACP Florida State Conference is releasing these critical recommendations on our constitutional amendments as ballots have been sent to overseas voters and stateside military in the past few days and absentee voters will see their ballots starting in a few days. We are proud to announce our support for Amendment 2 to increase the minimum wage along with Amendments 5 and 6 that supports homeowners and spouses of deceased veterans. We will adamantly oppose Amendment 1 as it’s a clear gimmick from outside groups, Amendment 3 would hurt black representation statewide and multi-cultural districts and Amendment 4 creates additional barriers for voters. If the current Amendment 4 had passed years ago, the prior Amendment 4 restoring voting rights to ex-felons would have required an additional hurdle. The NAACP Florida State Conference will continue to educate voters over the next several weeks on these critical decisions impacting our community,” says Adora Obi Nweze, President of NAACP Florida State Conference and member of the National Board of Directors.

• Amendment 1 – Citizenship Requirement to Vote in Florida Elections
NAACP Recommendation: NO

• Amendment 2 – Raising Florida’s Minimum Wage
NAACP Recommendation: YES

• Amendment 3 – All Voters Vote in Primary Elections for State Legislature, Governor, and Cabinet
NAACP Recommendation: NO

• Amendment 4 – Voter Approval of Constitutional Amendments
NAACP Recommendation: NO

• Amendment 5 – Limitation on Homestead Assessments
NAACP Recommendation: YES

• Amendment 6 – Ad Valorem Tax Discount for Spouses of Certain Deceased Veterans Who Had Permanent, Combat-Related Disabilities
NAACP Recommendation: YES


Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation’s oldest and largest nonpartisan civil rights organization. Its members throughout the United States and the world are the premier advocates for civil rights in their communities. In 1941, the NAACP Florida State Conference was formed as the 1st State Conference in the nation. For more information on the NAACP Florida State Conference, please visit or follow us on Twitter @FLNAACP.

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